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Online Faculty Learning Community

Online Facutly Learning Community

The OFLC is a space for us to work together to explore a progressive model of online learning. We will experiment with peers to develop learner-centered online courses. [It's an online course about online pedagogy.]

Jeannie Crowley
Manager of Digital Media and Learning Group
Bank Street College of Education


  • Tell Us About Yourself || Pre-Course Survey

  • Unit 1 - Calendar and Overview

  • Unit 2 - Online Models and Sharing Goals (January 7) January 7

  • Unit 3 - Getting Learners to Talk to Each Other (January 14) January 14

  • Midpoint Check-In

  • Unit 4 - Learner Agency || What is it and how to encourage it (January 21) January 21

  • Unit 5 - Final Reflection and Next Steps (January 28) January 28